Saturday, 25 December 2010

And now, Christmas tree ... frogs

The rain has brought out the orange-thighed tree frogs (Litoria xanthomera) for the first time this year. But it's also stopped me from taking pics of them. (Why, yes, I am a wimp. What made you think otherwise?) But the green-eyed tree frogs (Litoria serrata) have been out and about for a while.

No frogs in this picture, in case you were wondering. Just rain and fungus.

I photographed this one last night, when the rain was merely heavy, not torrential. It was picking up insects from my windows, obviously convinced that it was camouflaged against the spider poop-covered frame.

It eventually decided that the garden provided a more suitable background for its fancy colours and spiffy frills.

Season's greetings from me and the wildlife!


biobabbler said...

1. your caption on the 1st photo cracked me up. =) And yes, I was straining to see the non-frog...
2. What a beautiful frog!
3. No need to feel wimpy--I'll bet your camera is not a fan of rain, either. =)

Snail said...

I thought I'd better mention it because it was the sort of thing I'd be doing.

The green-eyes are gorgeous frogs. They can also be a bit difficult to photograph because they are flighty. I don't blame them, quite frankly. If someone stuck a camera in my face while I was sitting there minding my own business, I'd jump too!

And, oh my gosh, is it raining here!

desertnutmeg said...

I'm glad you added that footnote/caption to the first photo, I would have gone nuts (gone??) trying to find a frog.

The photo are great, as are the frogs and yes, those colors!

Snail said...

Meggs, one of the green-eyes has adopted the outside sink as a calling location. Fortunately, the call isn't very loud. Everyone's happy!