Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Christmas ... cyclone

The first cyclone of the season, Tropical Cyclone Tasha* is expected to make landfall somewhere between Port Douglas and Cardwell in a few hours. They should have called it Santa, but cyclone naming conventions don't work that way.

It's very wet and moderately windy up here now. The cyclone is intensifying, so the conditions will become livelier as the storm approaches. I thought I'd better post this just in case the power goes off. So much for a quiet Christmas!

Tropical Cyclone Tasha nearing NE coast of Queensland
(Image: Bureau of Meteorology)

* This link covers current cyclones in the Australian region.


biobabbler said...

Wow, how exciting! I'm a sucker for crazy weather, esp. with nutty wind. Good luck!

Snail said...

I quite enjoy it too, but I'm a little concerned about the trees close to the house. I don't want them to come any closer!

Tyto Tony said...

Hope the trees are standing up to everything. All quiet though wet down this way.

Snail said...

A few down. Most of the debris is big branches, some of which fell close to the house.

I think it's going to be raining for a while, thanks to a settled in monsoon trough.

Dave Coulter said...

Yikes! I'll think I'll stick with snow!

Snail said...

The only advantage is that people are unlikely to freeze in a cyclone! Of course, it's not so easy to make snowballs.