Saturday, 25 December 2010

The end of Cyclone Tasha

Tropical Cyclone Tasha is now heading south west as a tropical low. It brought strong winds and a lot of rain to the coast south of Cairns and the southern Atherton Tablelands. Ingham and Townsville are catching the tail end.

Here's the flow record for the North Johnstone River. Small wonder that it sounds like a motorway, rather than a murmur.

Image: Bureau of Meteorology

I didn't get a great deal of sleep because of the frequent snap, crackle and pop of falling timber. It all sounds so close at night. And sometimes it is. This is the back garden. The second photo is the view from my bathroom window with a 50mm lens.

Tasha was a Category 1 cyclone, which is the way I like them. Still, I'm happy to go through the rest of the season with no replays.


Bernie said...

Thankfully it was a relatively gentle introduction to the cyclone season. It absolutely bucketed down here in the Ville ... the creek at the bottom of our property is raging like the Tully River rapids right now. Glad to see everything's alright with you. Have a lovely Christmas Day!

Snail said...

Yep. Tasha was really quite mild. (I'm not complaining!) I was concerned about trees falling on the house. They always seem closer and taller in high winds. Mind you, they fall over without the wind, so I was probably over-reacting.

Sounds like Townsville has been very soggy this year. I remember when it never rained there!

mainly mongoose (Lynda) said...

Glad that Tasha didn't turn into a Tracy.
Flooding rains in Johannesburg a couple of days ago means that I'm now living on the banks of a deafening, raging monster. Still there's quite a way to go before the torrent's high enough to reach my house. Fingers-crossed!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail
I knew you couldn't sleep, from early comments on my blog.
Glad you came through OK.
Radio - even ABC tells one only what they think you are interested in.
If nobody drowns, there is no story, so they tell you nothing.
Keep safe and well.

biobabbler said...

Wow! Glad all is well, but I must say that graph of the water level would make my husband swoon--real data on weather events. =) Glad the toppling trees weren't too near.

Snail said...

Lynda, I hope those floods subside soon. Sounds like it's been a wet start to summer just about everywhere in the S hemisphere.

Denis, I can sleep through rain and high winds, but cracking branches are another thing entirely! The good thing about this cyclone was that it passed through the area very quickly.

Biobabbler, the branches were close enough! The Bureau of Meteorology ( is a treasure trove of current and historical weather data for Australia. I love the BoM to bits!

neomyrtus said...

Not a wet start to summer in this part of the S hemisphere, although Canarvon-Gascoyne Junction copped a beauty LP system. Otherwise, far too dry after a record dry winter and way too much arson in SWWA to be comfortable this fire season.

Fingers crossed that the current low-TC in the Kimberley will bring in good rains and kickstart a decent summer rainfall season in the Pilbara - Midwest - Goldfields. We won't flood like QLD (relatively speaking!!)

Gotta make a dent in our state-wide drought somehow.

desertnutmeg said...

Well, I'm sorry Santa didn't leave you a better package than broken trees. What kind of a girl were you this year??? LOLOL!!

Seriously though, I grew up in Tornado Alley in the US,so I completely understand the amplified OMG wind sounds and the inability to sleep.

I am very glad to see/read that you are all right, had not damage and I am hoping all your furry co-habitors came through okay too!

A very Happy New Year to you Snail and all the best for you in 2011!

Snail said...

Neo, you definitely don't want floods like the C and SE Queensland ones! But there'll be some handy falls from that low if it does the right thing.

Snail said...

Meggs, happy 2011 to you too!

I can't imagine living in a high tornado area. At least we get plenty of notice with cyclones. (Although Tasha was on us pretty quickly.)

The furries seem to have adopted the patio as a sleeping place whenever it rains now. I think they might be taking liberties!

Gouldiae said...

G'day Snail,
Glad all is OK in paradise. As I watch the news each night I keep thinking of you northerners.
Stay dry, (well as dry as you can), and safe.

forestwalk/laura k said...

wow! i've never been through a cyclone...OR the floods i see on the news that are happening right now over your way...
BUT, living here in florida...i have been through a few pretty bad...nail biting...hurricanes. and when they happen to beat their way through, in the dark of way can you get any rest! i feel for ya! i hope nothing WORSE than this Tasha comes your way! be safe!

Bernie said...

Hi Bronwyn, just read your comment on my Garden Journal post. Yes we have had the occasional patch of sunlight here ... we had a whole day of it last week!

Sounds like it's still dreary up your way. Haven't heard much about the weather anywhere else but central and southern Qld lately. I think there's still some grey dreary rainy weather to come.

M said...

Hi Bronwen,
Wonderful to have discovered an Australian Nature Lover's Blogspot, and in Queensland also. I am in the Gympie region.

While visiting Laura K's ForestWalkArt, browsed her recommendings for other Nature orientated folk. Love Snails... ventured forth and found my self here.
A beautiful Spot it is too. Fascinatingly interesting and informative.

I became an avid wanderer of the 'bom' site after hearing about it via local ABC Radio. Learning how to read the information is fascinating. Fully helpful during these times of Nature putting so much effort into thoroughly drenching Australia.

A true pleasure to have met your Spot. Will enjoy return visits to explore, learn, and discover more.

Best wishes to you, from M (Australia)

Snail said...

Sorry, everyone, that I haven't responded! Many apologies.

And a special welcome to you, M.