Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday's marsupials

Friday: "Oh yes, tree kangaroos are very common around here. I saw a couple of them in the garden only yesterday."

Saturday: "No, they really are quite abundant."

Sunday: "They're definitely about."

Monday: "You should have been here. Just saw one hopping across a lawn about ten metres from the road. Yeah, from the car as I was driving past. The things you see..."

Tree kangaroos are never around when you need them, so here's one that I prepared photographed earlier.


mick said...

They're cute - no matter when you photographed them!

Bernie said...

It doesn't bother me in the least when you took the photos, as long as you share them with us! They are such fascinating creatures which of course we don't get to see down here. Loved the shots.

Denis Wilson said...

They look very rounded in the nose - almost Koala like (the head, that is).
I'm with Bernie - it doesn't matter to us when you took the pictures.

Calling Ravens said...

I almost choked on my pepsi: "here's one that I prepared" LOL!! You are so funny! Thanks for the LOL on a Monday!

biobabbler said...

Pardon sideline comment, but HAYYYY, you're doing NaNoWriMo! Cool! Congrats, and GO GO GO!!! =) I'm NOT this year, did last year, will again next year. Hope you are able to stifle the proverbial inner critic and write, write, write.

=) Whatcha writin'?

biobabbler said...

oh, p.s. you can write directly to me, if you wish at biobabbler at g mail dot com. =) IF you have time, I'll understand if you are otherwise occupied cranking out thousands of words! =)

Snail said...

I took these pics about a month ago Since then I've seen a pair of tree roos hanging out together in a way that would suggest the tree roo population here will soon be increasing.

[I haven't logged in, so word verification is on. It is phrootor. I have nothing to say.]

laurak@forestwalkart said...

"hey you! over there! yeah, YOU! the one with the camera!"

and then, the cutest of all marsupials...begins to pose...first a nice big stretch....

doesn't matter when you took 'em...they're still so darn CUTE!!