Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jottings from the Tropics: 26 January 2012

Since I mentioned that the birds have been ignoring the quandong near the house, that tree has been alive with bridled and Macleay’s honeyeaters. And giant mutant giant genetically-engineered giant bees. That’s what they look like, anyway. My insect identifications are not always accurate.

- o O o -

But I can recognise a huntsman spider when I see one and a very large huntsman has moved into the frame of the living room window. As a consequence, the Litoria rubella tree frogs have shifted to the other side. Now, instead of spending the evening sitting on the window panes, they peek out from the safety of the grooves in the aluminium. I can see an amphibian episode of A Current Affair coming up — one of those ‘bad neighbour’ shows, featuring out of focus, shaky surveillance footage of the menacing eight-legged monster that has moved in next door.
- o O o -

Little Poss dropped in again last night. We workshopped the ACA segment with me as pushy reporter and him as taciturn neighbour. He watched me make dinner, ever hopeful that some of that food would make its way through the flyscreen. Then a cicada landed next to him. It was a golden emperor, plump and shimmering and utterly irresistible to a pretend-starving possum. Little Poss grabbed it, bit off its head and wings and then sucked out the innards. He spent the rest of the evening cleaning the goo off his muzzle. It took me a while to get back to my dinner. I had planned on a Cornetto for dessert. After that, it did not seem so appealing.


magda and crew in australia said...

I came to read and simply burst into laughter...
you write so well Snail.. with a few words you are able to trigger my imagination into wonderful images and thoughts... love it... especially the bees...
between the Macleays and the Bees you would be hearing quite a Symphony.

And when Huntsman Spiders are large they are large... I think the Litoria rubellas are quite brave to simply move to the other side of the window.

And eeewww to Poss's eating venture... at least Cicada's head went first, though the wings' removal seems unnecessary... wasn't as if cicada would have gone far without its head!
I hope there weren't sucking sound effects as well, cause Possums do make smunching sounds when they eat I've experienced.
Glad I didn't see the event.. yuk

Snail said...

Luckily, I couldn't hear Little Poss while he was eating because I had the extractor fan going. I might do that more often.

It was fascinating, though, the way he shoved his nose right into the cicada's abdomen. (It was a very big cicada and LP has quite a small nose.)

magda and crew in australia said...

oh Snail the description of Possum's eating of the Cicada gets worse... putting one's nose right into the food source is one way not to lose a morsel I suppose... but no wonder Possum needed to spend the rest of the evening cleaning...
extractor fan sounds like a perfect idea during such happenings.