Monday, 30 January 2012

Jottings from the Tropics: 30 Jan 2012

I threw out some rotting fruit last night. This morning, the pademelons looked like furry dirigibles. I was expecting to hear the rumble of earth-moving equipment as they re-enacted that scene from the Vicar of Dibley where Dawn French was carried home in the scoop of a bulldozer after eating several (four?) Christmas dinners. Next time, I’ll freeze the fruit and distribute it over time and in more manageable portions. Or just eat it quickly, so there’s no waste. That’s the most sensible solution.

- o O o -

Despite appearances, pademelons are not exclusively vegetarian. They also eat cicadas. Other insects too, I imagine, but I’ve only seen them go for the biggest and loudest ones. I think it’s a pademelon’s way of asking the bugs to STFU keep it down.

Crinkle Cut was an ace cicada-hunter. She’d approach with an expression of benign curiosity, as if she were merely interested in this strange, buzzing creature. And then she would snap at it with those scissoring incisors. And hold it still with her little razor-clawed paws as she chewed it up, slowly, wings and all. By the time she had finished her meal, the expression of benign curiosity had transformed into one of self-satisfaction. I’m sure there is a lesson in that for us all. Although I’m not sure what it is. Beware the inquisitive marsupial? Don’t buzz in front of a small kangaroo?

- o O o -

Dry and warm again with afternoon storms, some of them showing up on the weather radar in shades of unsafety orange. I enjoy listening to thunder echoing around the mountains and watching lightning through the trees. It is cheaper than buying a digital television and new antennae and offers much the same level of entertainment. It is difficult to switch channels, though. Perhaps nature could work on that. It’s already hammered high definition and 3D, so changing channels should be a breeze.

The BoM charts depict the monsoon trough as right over us now, but the trough has yet to bring RAIN. We’ve had small showers and one decent fall, but that’s rain. I’m talking about RAIN. The sort of weather that Cloncurry and Quilpie have been experiencing. This might change soon, because the charts are also showing a deep tropical low swinging by from the Gulf of Carpentaria later this week. Check back then to read my hyperbolic whinging about the active monsoon trough and all this bloody RAIN. There is no fun in being consistent.


mainly mongoose (Lynda) said...

I think your valuable lesson should extend to include all marsupials not just the hopping ones. They are NOT kindly creatures. My cute little pet sugar gliders used to greatly relish cicadas: they'd crunch up the succulent abdomens but leave the rest untouched. I was forever finding 'disembodied' cicadas wandering around my house.

Snail said...

pushes away dinner plate with half-eaten burrito

It's like that scene towards the end of Terminator...

I think every cute marsupial should be made to wear a sign saying 'I am related to phascogales, quolls and Thylacoleo. Coo over me at your peril'. We'll have to use very small font for the feathertail gliders, of course.

laurak@forestwalkart said...

i like the image of the disembodied cicadas wandering around the house....

crunch crunch

Snail said...

Urk! I wonder if they try to fly?