Monday, 30 January 2012

Quandong + honeyeaters = distraction

The Macleay's honeyeaters have now decided that the quandong next to the house is the place to hang out. I can't see it from my desk. In order to waste time make serious observations about the local avifauna, I have to get up and go to the window.

Although other species visit this tree — mostly bridled and Lewin's honeyeaters — the Macleay's honeyeaters are making the most of it. They will defend their patch against intruders. The Lewin's honeyeaters scarper at the slightest threat, whereas the bridled honeyeaters put up token resistance. The Macleay's honeyeaters always prevail. Something to do with barefaced cheek, I suspect.

Lunch wasn't meant to be easy

You lookin' at me?

Soon all the flowers will have fallen and in a few months the tree will be laden with fruit. Then it'll be time for the wompoos and bowerbirds to take over.More distractions!


Bernie H said...

What fantastic distractions you get to see! Great shots of this little beauty.

Snail said...

The distractions are very effective! I could have watched the honeyeaters for ages. They were twisting themselves into the most amazing shapes to get to the flowers.

mick said...

Great photos and what a display to have just outside your window.