Friday, 6 January 2012

National Geographic photo contest winners

This will gladden your heart — the winning pics from the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest. Please look at them after you've looked at the photos here. Don't make me give you the Men in Black amnesia flashlight treatment.

Dragonfly by Shikhei Goh
Grand prize winner


Russell said...

Thanks for this link. All truly inspiring. "Men in Black, what?"

Snail said...

Aren't they astonishing?!

In the film Men in Black they used a flashy thing (called a neuralyzer, I'm informed) to wipe people's memories when someone had Seen Too Much. Here's a link to TV Tropes. (Warning: You could be lost in this site for hours.)

Sherrie Y said...

No. Way. Word Verification: Oodatic. I totally forgot what I was going to say.

Snail said...

He he he. And now you are a Friend of the Ood.