Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day off

Because sometimes you can get trapped by work. And spider webs.

Provisional identification: Fiery skimmer (Orthetrum villosovittatum), a libuellid dragonfly from eastern and northern Australia, New Guinea and the Moluccas. I used the keys in the dragonfly book to get to family and then resorted to pictures and individual species descriptions. Thanks to that process, I now know a lot more than I did before about the anatomy of dragonfly wings. Not enough to be confident about my ID, but enough to bore people stupid at the pub.

Theischinger, G. & Hawking, J. (2006). The complete field guide to dragonflies of Australia. Collingwood: CSIRO Publishing. 366 pp.


Stiletto said...

I have taken many shots of different types dragonflies and damselflies but I have never attempted to identify them like I do with butterflies which is much easier with their more distinctive markings. Your research seems fruitful. Probably I can leran something from your work. Thanks.

Snail said...

I try to identify insects, but I have a very low success rate with anything other than butterflies. If it weren't for the Australian dragonfly book, I don't think I would have stood a chance with this one! (And I'm still not sure my ID is correct!)

Good luck!

laurak@forestwalkart said...

oh, poor trapped skimmer!

hmmm...work?? web?? trapped by neither i say! BUT the far sighted skimmer just didn't see it coming...unlike me...who walks slowly with a long stick.

cool shot!!

Snail said...

I'm not really trapped by work because I enjoy it, but I have been caught in those golden orb weaver webs! Although I mean to carry something, I usually forget and almost get garrotted by those strong, sticky threads. (They're still better than lawyer cane Calamus, though. Once that gets its hooks into you, it's hard to escape.)

Noushka said...

...."Not enough to be confident about my ID, but enough to bore people stupid at the pub."

I love you sense of humour!!
I feel the same way when I am off into talking about my passions!
I love dragonflies too!
The season is just about to start in France!
I am amazed by this shot! It seems to be semi-salting! :)