Friday, 1 June 2012

Dispatches from the Tropics: 1 June 2012

It's cold. Cold and wet. It was cold and wet in May, but now it's colder and wetter. Did I mention that it's cold? And wet?

The wildlife has been quiet lately. Not as quiet as me, but, given that they don't have a blog (either individually or collectively) it is hard for the wider world to assess that.

I saw a tree kangaroo hopping across the back garden a couple of days ago. (The tree kangaroo was hopping. I was standing at the kitchen door, idly wondering in which direction to cast a banana skin so the paddies would not associate it with my house.) One of my neighbours told me that there's a mother and at-foot joey around the place, so I might see them soon. (If it stops raining. See first paragraph.)

Red, the adult male pademelon, is back after a prolonged absence. He returned with a scratched and infected eyelid and badly scarred ears. I'm guessing he'd been in a fight. Either that or he really needs to be more careful about where he gets his body piercings done. He sooked around the place for a while (see previous post), but is now back to his feisty self. This mostly involves hissing at other pademelons, boxing brush turkeys and lounging in the front garden. (When it's not raining, that is. See first paragraph.)

The possums haven't been around for the past few days, but prior to that, they'd almost imprisoned me in the house. I couldn't go into the garden after dark for fear that one of them would slip into the kitchen when I slid open the door. Among the quartet of coppery brushtails is a young possum who is following in Little Poss's footsteps. Literally. Mini Poss has taken to climbing the flyscreens with almost the same enthusiasm as her predecessor. The good news is that Mini Poss is much more mild-mannered. I have yet to see her trying to claw open another possum's mouth to steal what they're eating. Another bit of good news is that this recent absence of possums means that I am free to go out at night without worrying about marsupial raiders. The only problem's raining. (See first paragraph.)


Bernie H said...

Lovely to hear Mini Poss has manners! She can stay. Down here we've had some dark, dreary, drizzly days too. It's a little unusual to be getting rain at this time of year, but it's most welcome. It means things stay green for longer. I know that there aren't as many wallabies around at our place right now either. Maybe the wildlife is staying cosy elsewhere!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail
Your seasons are very different from ours down south.
We had a nearly totally dry May.
20% of average.
Drizzle now, and wind and rain is now predicted to mask out the Transit of Venus.
Astronomers with fixed Observatories must be very annoyed. No doubt they will all get into the Toyotas and head west.
I could do with shots of Little Poss swinging on your fly screen door.

Snail said...

Bernie, I'm glad the rain is doing good things at your place. :)

Snail said...

Denis, this year is a bit topsy turvy. We had a late start to the wet season and now a corresponding late start to the wet. Anyway, it was sunny today, so that's good!

Apparently, there was a lunar eclipse tonight (4th), but it was too cloudy to see it here.

The possums are a bit quiet at the moment because there's a carpet python around. I don't blame them!

laurak@forestwalkart said...

rain. rain. more rain. guess it does kind of slow everything down. it's a good thing though, as long as you don't get so much that it starts to come into your house...or you have to ride to town in a canoe...

Snail said...

Luckily, the house is quite a bit higher than the river, so flooding shouldn't be a problem. (Although the insurance company seems to be totally --- and possibly willfully --- oblivious to that, doubling the premiums after the 2011 floods. Mutter, mutter. Shakes fist at insurance companies.)

Ladybug said...

Your weather this month sounds like what we've had here in the Pacific NW of the states ... rain, rain, rain (We DO live in temperate rain forest, however) Nice to read your blog; misery loves company, I guess.

I'm intrigued by these little(?) 'possums that hang around your house. Can you expect them to stay for some time, or only for this season?