Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday afternoon music

I've been listening to Frank Yamma all morning.

Ngura Watjilpa (2010)

She Cried (2010)


Dave Coulter said...

Very nice :)

Snail said...

He's good. Plays a whole range of music. Well worth checking out.

fnkykntr said...

so beautiful, not heard him before thanks for introducing me! I found a translation on his facebook page (though i think you truly get the sentiment from the music without the words):
Lyrics to Nguta Waljilpa

lonely place,
beautiful place
before people would sit down
and think about this
far and wide
thinking about all this

lonely place
a place for thinking
a place for thinking about landscape
country as far as you can see
sit down and think
far and wide

its this lonely place
its this beautiful place

Snail said...

Thanks for posting those lyrics. This --- a place for thinking about landscape/country as far as you can see --- encapsulates it for me.