Monday, 10 December 2012

A Short Walk in the Forest

Not mine, though.

I went for a post–prandial stroll in the forest yesterday.

Having chosen the path that isn't usually frequented by groups of tree kangaroo spotters, I ran into a group of tree kangaroo spotters.

The chief spotter wore khaki and was eating an apple. This combination is common among tour guides in FNQ. The apple is interchangeable with a banana (in a comestible sense, not a botanical one), but the khaki is a fixture.

He said to me, 'Are you looking for tree kangaroos?'

'No, mate,' I said. 'Got plenty of those at home.'

And it's technically true, because I still own the place until Wednesday. (And, yes, I did sound smug. But I have to make the most of it for the next few days.)

 I didn't see any tree kangaroos on the walk, but plenty of pademelons and whipbirds and a recently hatched scrubfowl chick. Also plants. Lots of plants.

Take this seriously. Really seriously.
The safe track through the forest

Everyone's path should be strewn with flame tree flowers
And black beans. There should be black beans.

Black bean bark: like hessian
What Sir Mixalot meant to say.

A strangler fig strangling.
Bumpy satinash (Syzygium cormiflorum) and more big buttresses

Butterfly bush (Pavetta)
North Johnstone River: languid in the Dry Season
Tortoises by Monet

Tortoise by Seurat


biobabbler said...

Delightful! =) It's funny. What you call tortoises, we (US) call turtles. If it's a big fan of water, it's a turtle, if it's a land lubber, it's a tortoise. Generally. Whilst I am a biologist, I forget the sciencey version: I know one is just one type of another. Too lazy now & running late to look up. =)

ANNYhow, I love that 2nd to last photo 'cause you can see their cute little feet all splayed out. aw...

And that LAST shot, hoh-my! So beautiful. Very Seuronet!

Finally, the symptoms of those stinging trees can last MONTHS?!? Whaaaaaa?!? You DO live on a biologically perpetually-confusing-to-evolutionary-biologists island. It's hard core, out there. Y'all are tough!!

Snail said...

I can never remember if we're supposed to be calling them turtles or tortoises at any given point in time, so I resolutely stick to tortoise. Or sometimes turtle, just for the hell of it.

Oh, yeah, stinging trees are awful. It's overkill. Mind you, lots of insects still feed on the leaves, as do some mammals, and the birds eat the fruit. So it's a strange combination of ineffectiveness and overkill.

Sherryl said...

Something tells me by the photos you've taken that you will miss all this!

Snail said...

Oh, I will, Sherryl. The biggest wrench will be having to share the rainforest with other people!

NanaJude said...

Farewell to the place I feel as though I know .. am so looking forward to following your adventures :)

Snail said...

I'll post some pics from here as soon as I find the camera cable!

Plenty of bush stone-curlews here, which is great. I wouldn't be able to sleep without the lullabies of noisy nocturnal wildlife.