Monday, 10 December 2012

The Last Circuit

Written on Sunday. Posted on Monday at the bakery.

A few days ago, I had a break from packing and cleaning and wandered around the forest edge with my camera. The gingers were about to start flowering. And I can't resist taking photos of gingers. Which turned out to be just as well, because the removal truck undertook some accidental gardening.

About to bloom

The first flower


Shameless squatters!

Squatters...and bailiffs?

Maybe the squatters are Nitidulidae? I dunno.

They've very shy

Winsome border patrol
My next (owned) house must have wild gingers!


mick said...

Hmm! Glad you said "wild" gingers. I made the mistake of planting gingers and heliconias and by the time I realized my mistake they were taking over everywhere. They apparently liked my sandy soil. You wouldn't believe how thick the root mat was!!

Snail said...

Oh, those things spread like crazy!

I would love to have a ginger/heliconia garden just like the one at the Fletcher Bot Gdns in Cairns. You can walk through groves of giant shell and torch gingers and those really big pendulous heliconias. But it would take such a lot of effort to establish barriers and exclusion zones that I think I'll just enjoy them as cut flowers!

Menno said...

Yes! They're indeed nitidulid squatters. Well spotted!

Snail said...

Thanks, Menno. I was surprised* that every flower had its own complement of them.


*I know I shouldn't have been.