Sunday, 9 December 2012

Jottings from the Tropics: Caravan Park Edition

Composed on Saturday. Posted Sunday.

Just going through the last few boring stages with the house. Contents are now in storage, the cleaners are scheduled for Tuesday and settlement is on Wednesday. I think I will sleep better when that's over.

 Am currently at the local caravan park. It has rainforest. Yay! But also people. Boo! I'll be here for about a week until I shift into a friend's place, which I'll be house-sitting for a few months.

Although I now have internet access through what is rather optimistically called mobile broadband, there's no signal at the caravan park. Because I now have to go into town to do all that sort of stuff, communications will be very sporadic. (And, oh, what a wrench it was to cancel the ADSL service after such a long tussle with Telstra to get the bloody thing connected in the first place. There should be medals. Medals!)

So I am writing this at a picnic table in the caravan park. It's a clear, sunny day with a lovely cooling breeze. The kookaburras are reminding everyone that they own the place and the guinea fowl are putting up a spirited response. Still, as loud as they are, the guinea fowl are no kookaburras. (That's today's lesson in taxonomy. And, yes, there will be a test on it.) The bangalow palm in front of my cabin has parallel incisions on it that look very much like the claw marks tree kangaroos leave when they climb soft-barked trees. The marks are above head height, so I'm ruling out misguided attempts to make palm toddy or even more misguided attempts to tap latex. But you never can tell.

It's not a bad life. I'm just waiting for Wednesday, so I can relax. And face the next challenge.


mick said...

Good luck on the next stage! And enjoy being a tourist after Wednesday!

neomyrtus said...

good luck - I'm not good at caravan parks either. I always find an excuse to get out, away and go for wanders.

biobabbler said...

Good for you. So funny re: it also has people. =)

I remember the last time I moved (or maybe the time before that, or every time) I thought "Oh, why do people say job loss, death of a loved one, and moving are the 3 most stressful things? I'm fine! It's not fun, but it's not a crisis." and then when it's all over I COLLAPSE. So, I still would NEVER equate it to stress from the death of someone close to you, because it's much more mundane, but it seems to be cumulative.

SO excited you get a break from it, soon. Best of luck! =)

Snail said...

Hi, everyone. (Not said in a Dr Nick voice.)

Have been doing a very cursory study of the caravan park demographics. Majority of temp. sites occupied by grey nomads, but couples with young kids make up largest number of occupants. Not many overseas visitors, but plenty from interstate.

Although I'm not really very good at sharing spaces, it's only for a few more days. A few more days. A few more days. *sits in the lotus position, chants, finds herself unable to get up again*

Have been leafing through the tourist brochures...