Monday, 14 January 2013

Today at the bird bath II: the sequel

Red is the colour of the moment at the bird bath. Perhaps it is the lingering impact of Christmas.

After the red-backed fairywrens had performed their ablutions, the red-browed finches arrived to enjoy a dip. Bathing, as you can see, is serious business.

And it is important to maintain a serious mien, even when splashing about.

The youngsters got in on the act, although they were less enthusiastic than the adults.

And then they found some seeds, so that was the end of their bathing.

Like the red-backed wrens, the finches travel in small, noisy groups.Today I walked through the garden and a cloud of red-browed finches rose from the grass and flew ahead of me. We were going in the same direction, although only one of us was taking the laundry out to the washing line.


Stiletto said...

These red-browed finches are so pretty. Your shots are consistently good. You might get yourself into all sorts of scrapes but your hands are definitely not shaky :)

Bernie H said...

Brilliant shots of a beautiful bird. I've only every seen those Red-browed Finches once before down here in my own garden. I couldn't take my eyes off them.

Snail said...

Thank you :)

The red-browed finches are quite good sitters. They're not as flighty as the fairywrens.

They seem to like being close to the forest edge. Although I'm not that close to forest, there's still a bit of tall vegetation along the creek. They are such sweeties. But very serious.

neomyrtus said...

Lovely shots and nice eyebrows on those finches.

Snail said...

Thanks. The eyebrows make them look very professorial. :)

Julie Hargreaves said...

Very pretty bird

Snail said...

They are! I see them around they place every day (or near enough), but those fairy-wrens appear to be in hiding.