Thursday, 3 October 2013

A photo of someone else's dinner

Because that's what the Internet's for, isn't it?

I was hoping that someone might ask why I was taking a photo of an old, dried out cane toad poop so I could tell them that were too many reflections on a fresh one. But nobody did.

'Poop-poop!' said Mr Toad

I'm somewhat less interested in what toads have been eating (answer: everything they can shovel into the gobs) than I am in what the bandicoots have been tucking away. But, like Mount Everest, the toad poop was there...if somewhat smaller*.

As far as I can tell, this toad has been eating beetles, cockroaches and some small vertebrates, possibly frogs.

Oh, and wafers**.

 Of course.

* I was about to do a little jokule about this until I remembered that it was Mallory, not Hillary, who had made the comment about Mount Everest. It didn't seem so funny after that. 

** Probably not wafers.


Christopher Taylor said...

I was about to do a little jokule about this...

Was Mallory the one who was deaded?

Snail said...

That's the one. That dirty rotten mountain deaded him.