Thursday, 26 December 2013

Pied butcherbirds on Boxing Day

The pied butcherbirds have a youngster and you know what that means...

Hungry hungry hungry hungry

What if they've forgotten me? They've forgotten me

They haven't forgotten me!

Looks tasty

But what the heck is it?

I'm being watched, so I'd better get this right

This candy has...

...a sting in the tail

But I'm going to win



Anonymous said...

Great series!

mick said...

A great series - and those babies are some of the noisiest IMO !

Snail said...

Thanks, jj & mick. They are persistent little beggers. I don't feed the butcherbirds, but that doesn't stop the young ones trying it on!

diane b said...

Great series of shots telling a story. Love the captions too.

Snail said...

Thanks, Diane. Baby birds -- whiny, but cute!