Saturday, 11 January 2014

Update: Books wot I have read

I have consulted with the book-counting spider and here is the current tally. Books in bold are the ones I am now reading.

The Confidential Agent by Graham Greene
The Impossible Dead by Ian Rankin
Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper
Cross and Burn by Val McDermid
Watch Out for Me by Sylvia Johnson
My Island Homicide by Catherine Titasey

Le Freak by Nile Rodgers
Eureka by Peter FitzSimons
The Tall Man by Chloe Hooper
The Old Ways by Robert MacFarlane
The Butterfly Isles by Richard Bakham
White Beech by Germaine Greer

Until now, there has been no change to the configuration of book stacks on the desk/floor/other flat surfaces, because those four now-read titles are e-books. But Watch Out for Me is a yer actual paper book, so things will start changing.


Anonymous said...

I loved "The Old Ways" and plan to read the others that you have on your list. I assume these were all books that you enjoyed and that you don't list the ones that you didn't?

Snail said...

I've started The Old Ways and am enjoying it. I wasn't sure at first that Macfarlane would be as good at this sort of mixture of travel and natural and social history as Roger Deakin. But I'm settling into his style. It makes me want to pack my hiking boots, get a ticket to the UK and walk the old tracks. One day. One day.

I'm listing the books (mostly) without comment because offering even a brief review would be too much work for twelve books a month. (Twelve books a month doesn't look like a lot now I write it down, but I'm not a particularly fast reader!)

So far, only the Confidential Agent has been a struggle, because it's one of Greene's more claustrophobic books.