Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Jottings from the Tropics: 18 February 2015

I thought I heard red-tailed black cockatoos today, but by the time I'd put on my outdoor shoes and headed into the garden the birds had gone. RTBC's have a distinctive call. It's like a sulphur-crested cockatoo playing a bugle. Or what I imagine that would sound like, if only they could manage the embouchure. 

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We're between cyclones and it's stopped raining. When I say between cyclones, I mean it in the geographical, not temporal sense. As I write this, Severe Tropical Cyclone Lam is in the Gulf of Carpentaria, heading SW towards Groote Eylandt and Arnhem Land, and the low that will probably be Tropical Cyclone Marcia is in the Coral Sea, on its way to drop rain on the SE Queensland coast. And when I say it's stopped raining, I mean that it is still raining, but not as much as it was. I'm glad I've cleared that up.

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I opened a new notebook yesterday and wrote down all the places I wanted to visit before I get too decrepit to travel. I hope someone invents a time machine soon.


sarala said...

Cyclones sound so exotic from here in the distant north. I miss seeing your photos, rain notwithstanding. We are so very tired of winter here I'd take a monsoon or two just for variety.
Have a great day!

mick said...

Meanwhile...It looks to be about to come in north of here...and it is really messing up my bird watching for today! Hope I can get some photos to show it all!

Neil said...

We had 17 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo fly over the other day while we were driving home.

Anonymous said...

The red-tails call a distinct 'karak' here, aside from their rusty hinge flocking chatter. The Noongar name here for the red-tails is Karak, which seems to be the description of the call in a few field guides too. I'm thinking tin ear, or what kind of bugles have you heard? Or are the red-tails talking Q, ay?

The long-billed (white tailed) black cockies here have an urgent historical question as they fly over - Which year? Which year? Which yeeeeeear?

Good luck with the mildew in the wet - looks like you're in for it for a while now.

darky, popping from shop-minding.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

warm...humid...and very wet!hoping you don't get flooded in. be safe. try and stay dry and fungus free.

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