Thursday, 24 September 2015

What I did in the holidays: part 1

Forgive me, friends, for I have slacked off. It's been seven months since I last wrote a post.

But I haven't been entirely idle. First I bought a new car and went to Kingfisher Park at Julatten. While there, I popped out to Abattoir Swamp, as one does. I hadn't been there for seven years.


Truth in labelling: Yellow honeyeater

Then I wandered up to Lakeland, west of Cooktown, via Maryfarms. I hadn't been to Lakeland since the road was sealed.

Maryfarms: the rainbow bee-eaters love this place

Looking east to the Kuranda Range


The road to the Cape

After which, I drove to Chillagoe.



Chillagoe smelters

To the Metal Hills

And then I was about to head south on a big road trip — a road trip I had been looking forward to for a freakin' year — the windscreen on my 12 day old car was badly damaged by a loose stone and I had to go to Cairns to get it replaced.

I stayed overnight.

And then — finally — I got on the highway and headed south on my road trip. More of that tomoz.


mick said...

Good to know that you are still somewhere around! Even better to think you have been seeing some more great scenery. Enjoy the rest of your wanderings - and look after the new windscreen!!

Snail said...

Hi, Mick!

Yep, I'm still around, but on a very limited internet connection. Mobile 'broadband'. *snort* So I hope I can keep posting on a more regular schedule.