Sunday, 11 June 2017

Grebe is Good*

There's a bit of water in Hasties Swamp (Nyleta Wetlands) and the graders have been along Koci Road, so this is a good time to visit.

I dropped in a few days ago to photograph Australasian grebes (Tachybaptus novaehollandiae). When I mentioned this to another birdo at the Swamp, they looked at me as though I were completely mad. Which suggests that although they were obviously a good judge of character, they didn't know how to have fun.

Because Australasian grebes provide hours of amusement as you try to take photos of the little f...eathery things.

Here's an afternoon's worth of grebious entertainment:

My next grebe-based goal is to get some good photos of great crested grebes. This might take me a while.

*I am running out of grebe puns, which is for the best.


Sherrie York said...

Oh, good grebe. I don't know why you fell off my feed and I assumed SEV was dormant! Look at everything I've been missing! I am agrebed.

Snail said...


It's grebe to be back!

It was dormant for a while -- well, quite a while -- but I've rekindled it and am determined to keep it goinf!

waldlaeufer68 said...

Which is very nicely photographed, I like very well
Greetings Frank

Snail said...

Thank you, Frank!