Thursday, 15 June 2017

Travelling North

I'm heading up the track for a while to look for palm cockatoos and golden-shouldered parrots, trumpet manucodes and magnificent riflebirds, so the blog will be quiet for a couple of weeks.

Here are some photos from the Mulligan Highway between Mt Molloy and the turn off to Cape York Peninsula.

Bob's Lookout. The view across the Desailly Creek floodplain to Mount Elephant (left). In the distance, beyond the McLeod River, are the rainforested peaks of Mount Lewis National Park.

Bob's Lookout

James Earl Lookout, South of Lakeland. Looking NNE to Mt Scatterbrain and Mt Earl*.

James Earl Lookout

I'll see you when I get back. I will have pics.

*Might actually be two completely different mountains. 


Anonymous said...

good luck!
Samantha, Victoria

Unknown said...

Have returned from Cape York Peninsula and am now in Alice Springs!