Saturday, 26 August 2006

(I've noticed other people doing this ...) What I'm listening to right now: Icehouse by Flowers. (Who subsequently became Icehouse but never had a song called Flowers. Go figure.)

There was a fire at work on Friday evening. Luckily. That meant that we sad souls who were still in our offices at 5.45 pm were forced to leave the building. We loitered around the main entrance, blocking access for two fire engines and an LPG response van, for about fifteen minutes in the hope that we'd be able to return to finish off the day's work. Then it dawned on us—we could go home.

So we did.

It was a bit annoying, though because the newly-formed Solemya group (aka Desperate and Date Shell-ed) (yes, we're working on that slogan) was on a roll. It'll take days to work up our enthusiasm to that level again. (Not that it'll do us any good. It's pure research so not worth a fig.)

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