Sunday, 7 June 2009

The day in haiku

People in motels
Have lost the ability
To turn door handles

Shepparton's Mooving Art
A herd of cattle
Painted bovine canvases
Not easy to milk

War cemetery
Internees and prisoners
Still lined up in rows

Somewhere between Shepparton and Tatura
Caravan driver
Shakes fist at Morris rally
Knows how we feel now

Wedge-tailed eagle
Dead river red gum
A fine spot to watch your lunch
Prepared by a truck

Big birds in a field
Peer at me as if I'm here
For their amusement

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area
Laser-levelled land
Billiard table for rice
A silo and sky

The Murrumbidgee
Too many syllables to
Work into a haiku


Anonymous said...

Comments swim slowly
through the snail haiku spillway.
This stupid cod leaps


Bronwen Scott, FCD said...


I tried writing limericks but they are far too difficult.

I wish I hadn't packed up Stephen Fry's book on poetry. It would've made a good read on this trip.