Sunday, 5 June 2011

Nice plumage, shame about the voice

If you've never heard the call of a male Victoria's riflebird, imagine a cross between a sulphur-crested cockatoo and ... well ... another sulphur-crested cockatoo, but shorter and louder.

Two male riflebirds frequent my garden. I can't tell the difference between them, so have given them the generic name of 'You Noisy Bastard'. It's not elegant, but it serves its purpose.

Either one — or both — of the birds takes great delight in landing on the gutter or on a tree just above my head and letting loose with that appalling call when I'm least expecting it. Or generally when I'm least expecting it. For once, I was a step ahead. I don't expect it will happen again.


mick said...

It sounds horrible - the Cockies are bad enough. I like the look of the beak wide open to produce the most noise possible!

Snail said...

Like cockies, they're not shy! And I think they have a sense of humour --- also just like cockies.

biobabbler said...

Hee. Too funny.

Looked around and found it:

It's available as a ring tone. How can you resist? =) Scare the crapoutta your friends when you ring.

Snail said...

A ring tone? My goodness! I wonder if I could just train one of these two noisy fellas to follow me around and squawk when the phone rings. I'm sure they'd be in it for a slice of ripe pawpaw!

Magda said...

Stunning concept to have as a ringtone... maybe!!!

Hi Snail,
What a great photo... certainly looks to thoroughly enjoy its ability to give sudden operatic renditions of sound... maybe they're tone deaf and believe they're presenting you with a very rich informative Aria!

Do love your photos and accompanying words,
Good wishes from Magda(Australia)

Snail said...

Oh, Magda, I love that thought. I'll have to be a bit more gracious towards them. (Although they do seem to do it when I'm least expecting it!)