Saturday, 4 June 2011

Passport photos for honeyeaters

It's good to know that I'm not the only one who manages to be blinking, looking the wrong way or on the cusp of transforming into a monster when the shutter clicks. This Macleay's honeyeater was having an off day too*.


*The difference between it and me is the number of off days**.
** Note that this is not an exhaustive list of differences.


Magda said...

Beautiful photos Snail,
Especially like the look and feel of the one of the Honeyeater with head forward sorting out its lower front feathers.
The Honeyeater's lovely colour tones remind me of Autumn weather at its best.

Really good experiencing your Posts again Snail...
Good wishes from Magda(Australia)

Snail said...

They are rather sweet birds, Magda, and the colours are beautifully subtle. I didn't think of Autumn, but you're right. They are very autumnal.

One of these honeyeaters (maybe this one?) often comes into the house in search of any fruit that I may have forgotten to put in the fridge. S/he will land on my hand or head if feeling brave.

Magda said...

Oh Snail, what a beautiful magical experience for you... such a compliment to you as well.
Thanks for telling me, appreciate immensely such Stories, always warms my heart.
With appreciation from Magda(Australia)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail
I like your comment: "not an exhaustive list of differences".
I like understatements.

Snail said...


I am the Queen of Understatements. Oh, wait ...

I do like the Macleay's honeyeaters. They are very refined birds and not at all pushy, unlike just about everything else in the garden!